Freeing Up Magic Version .2

One of the biggest concerns I had with this game is reinforcing the vary stereotypes that this game posits are the enemy. One piece of feedback I received is that by making magic defined by your backgrounds/ethnicity/etc that created a problematic depiction where, for example, all women have caring nurturing magic. So the  big shift in this update is that has been changed. 

Now society, culture, and the Authority expect your magic to work in accordance with the popular interpretation of your background, but you define how your magic works.

For a neuroatypical brown wizard, you maybe have flashy fiery destructive magic as well as technological viral sneaky magic. It's up to you.

In addition to the most important goal of fighting stereotypes, this also allows  more varied characters with strange powers.

Up Next: 

clarifying the worldbuilding

better discussions of safety and intersectionality

a few more backgrounds


nocrimebutliving 0-2.pdf 74 kB
May 31, 2019
nocrimebutliving 0-2.txt 25 kB
May 31, 2019

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