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Dream Alone is a solo rpg made with the Belonging Outside Belonging framework from Dream Askew. 

In this game, play as a person with nonbinary gender who was assigned male at birth. Try to connect to communities while managing the pain of constantly feeling disconnected from everyone, even your closest friends and family. 

I imagine using this as a solo play experience in order to help build a background for a character in Dream Askew or other games where you are playing as a nonbinary person assigned male at birth. 

You don't actually have to start play with the name Chad, but the idea is that you are named without any knowledge of who you are. 

Made for the Belonging Without Belonging and Solo play game jams, which were happening at the same time. Since there are two jams, I'm going to make another game that also uses Belonging without Belonging or solo play since I'm submitting this to both jams. 

If this is a solo play game, does that make it Not Belonging Outside Belonging Outside Belonging?

It the price is a hardship, email me silentferrets@gmail.com and I will send you a copy. The txt version is the full game but I think it'll be much easier to play with the pdf.

Cover Art: 

a modification of Leaving Society by Felipe Mebarak


Buy Now$3.00 USD or more

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I've read quite a bit that you should charge for your games. Since I feel positive about this game more than most, I have attached a price. I've also decided I want to give away some free copies to get people to take a look at it. Please take a look and leave me a review.

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