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You have to study for exams, ring up that fried chicken, fix a leaky pipe, and convince your spouse that you aren’t about to be fired. 

But how can you focus on that when stepped in a pool of water that is changing your gender, your fiance is blasting you with lightning bolts, your forgot to wear clothes on the day you were supposed to meet  your beloved’s parents, and you have to play guitar in order to pilot a giant robot that your parental figure gave you instead of actually expressing love and affection?? 

Life is in anime land whether you’re a Demon Lord or a Normal Kid. In between you and happiness is an overload of anime hijinks and only you are radical enough to overcome this.

- Chaotic system of blowing up anything and then fixing it

- Uses a modified pbta single move giving you control over how well  you roll at the price of accidentally blowing up the tv or making your idol cry.

- Play a powerful demon sorcerer, a grizzled ex-soldier, or a catboy that used to be a tree trying to make it through the school day or a night shift at a convenience store.

-Stats are a list of things that happen when you roll well. Take your hotheaded character and fine tune what happens around them when they fight or when they love. 

-A system of good and bad stuff that happens when using each stat that balances success and failure. With one move you can have a character that solves a mystery, hugs the villain to make peace, and fixes a broken soda machine but on a mixed success someone else finds it really awkward or maybe aliens invade.

- Designed to emulate anime about bizarre characters in mundane environments like Devil is a Part Timer, Full Metal Panic, and Ranma 1/2.


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